Vanity To Vitality 5 Week Group Coaching Program



*PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED. NEXT ROUND BEGINS IN MID SEPTEMBER* Please email to be notified when doors open again.


If you’ve spent most of your life trying diet after diet, you may have completely lost touch with what it’s like to actually FEEL DAMN GOOD and CONFIDENT in your skin. 

You’re a woman who knows there is more to life than spending all your precious energy feeling uncomfortable in your body and letting the number on a scale dictate how the rest of your day goes. You’re sick of going on and off of diets where you lose the weight for a while until it creeps back on again.

You have things you’d love to accomplish but your diet feels like another burden that you can’t quite seem to gain control of. Food has become your crutch and you’re wondering if it’s even possible to fully enjoy a summer without needing to hit the reset button come September.

You wish there was a way to find joy and balance with your nutrition all year round, but you’re unsure where to even begin!

This summer, how would it feel…

  • to have drinks and appetizers with your friends on a patio guilt-free?
  • to be able to enjoy the leftovers of your favourite dessert because you didn’t eat it all in one sitting?
  • to count the number of patios and hiking trails you’ve hit up instead of how many calories you ate today?
  • to attend a yoga class in the park rocking your favourite new yoga outfit that fits you like a glove?
  • to teach your child how to swim without hesitation because the thought of how you look in your swimsuit doesn’t even cross your mind?
  • to spontaneously have sexy time with your partner because you’re not distracted by thoughts about your body?
  • to know what to eat and how much to eat in a way that provides you with all the right nutrients to increase your energy and improve your digestion for a bloat-free Summer?
  • to have a small yet powerful group of women for the next 5 weeks ready to support you this Summer?

You are not alone on this journey anymore. There is a safe space for women just like you to come together for motivation and big mindset shifts.

Making changes that actually stick long term is easier (and way more fun!) when you do it with others who are also serious about improving their habits, behaviours and mindset for good. Ready to join the party?

The first 3 women who join this group program snag a free 1 hour consultation with me to help you fast track through your wellness transformation this Summer!

We begin Monday July 5th! Deadline to sign up is this Saturday, July 3rd at 11:59pm ET!

*confirmation of dates for weekly zoom calls will be dependent on the group’s mutual time preference to meet virtually*

Full details below. 






Group sessions will tentatively be held every Monday from 8:00PM-9:15PM ET through zoom starting on July 5th. *confirmation of dates for weekly zoom calls will be dependent on the group’s mutual time preference to meet virtually* Attendance of each session is important to ensure you get the most out of this program.


WEEK 1 : Goal Setting: You will learn how to set meaningful goals that are in line with your values. You will kick off the first week with a clear wellness vision for yourself.

Meal Planning: You will learn how to structure your diet in a non-restrictive way that optimizes your health and helps you reach your goals. You will understand portions (carbs, protein and fat) and understand how your body works and what foods work for your physiology in order to improve digestion and increase energy.


WEEK 2: Learn exactly how to manage social occasions while still making progress on your goals. You will also create a manageable self-care practice to reduce stress and improve sleep.

WEEK 3: So long cravings! Learn about the hunger and satisfaction scale and how to apply mindful eating and pleasure principles into your day to day in order to feel satisfied and nourished.


WEEK 4: Are your food cravings so intense it’s like an itch you want to scratch? You will learn how to improve your relationship with food and put an end to the emotional eating and binge/restrict cycle. 

WEEK 5: We are going to squash that nasty inner critic voice that’s constantly bullying your body and instead learn how to build a positive body image that makes you feel excited to dress the way you want to in this heat! 


What else you’re getting on top of the weekly group coaching calls:

  • Worksheets to help you build your Wellness Vision, beat emotional and binge eating, understand food portions and create a positive body image so that you can step into the woman you desire to be this summer!
  • Access to a private facebook group so that you can feel safe to share your challenges and wins with a group of women who are also on the same path as you.
  • An intimate community of women engaging with each other during the group calls so you feel connected, overcome your fears and know you’re not on this journey alone.
  • Hot seat coaching and Q&A time during each video call.
  • BONUS! a weekly selection of satisfying nutrient dense recipes shared inside the facebook group to keep you feeling inspired along your journey this Summer. (valued at $250)



The weekly sessions are 75 minutes long and I recommend setting aside 30-60min per week during this 5 week program to fill in the worksheets. The more engaged you are inside the program the more you will get out of it!


Group video calls will be held every Monday from 8:00PM-9:15PM ET through zoom starting on July 5th and ending August 3rd due to Monday being a Civic Holiday. Attendance of each session is important to ensure you get the most out of this program. 



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