Are you ready to feel empowered with your relationship with food and confident with how your body looks?

Build Your Balance Blueprint
is a Nutrition and Mindset Program for women who want to feel proud of their bodies and cruise control their eating and exercise habits FOR LIFE.

You’re a busy, ambitious woman.
It’s time to prioritize YOU!

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My clients enjoy food guilt-free.

They feel good in their bodies and in control of their choices.

This can happen for you, too!👇

  •   Do you feel like your cravings make it impossible to eat a balanced diet?

  •   Are you frustrated that you struggle to lose or maintain weight no matter what you do?

  •   Are you overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there? Do you find it difficult to get the clarity you need to build structure and consistency?

Build Your Balance Blueprint is a self-paced program designed to help you say so long to trendy diets, body stress, and food guilt. You’ll discover a sustainable way to nourish yourself, feel good in your body, and unlock your self-confidence.

Here Are The Main Topics That Will Be Covered Inside:

Hi! I’m Maya Eid.

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Mindset Coach from Toronto, Canada, with over 6 years of experience coaching women in the health and fitness industry.

Early on in my career, I noticed how quick fixes, trendy diets, and cookie-cutter meal plans never worked to create lasting health changes. I created Build Your Balance Blueprint as a way to end the food and body frustration I’ve seen women experience firsthand when beginning their health journey. This program is everything I wish I’d had when I first tried dieting in my early twenties. Instead, I just spiralled into an unbalanced relationship with food.

I have empowered hundreds of women to step into honouring their bodies and transforming their relationship with food through my combined knowledge of nutrition, positive psychology, and clinical experience.

Now you can access my expertise inside Build Your Balance Blueprint and finally embody the confidence and nourishment you’ve been searching for.