As the lockdown slowly continues to lift, many of my clients I’ve been working with during this time have been sharing with me how worried they feel that they won’t be able to maintain their healthy habits this summer since there will be all these “temptations” around.

I get it. It’s much easier to eat healthy when you’re stuck at home in captivation (lol).

🍺But now the patios are open and your friends are asking you to go for dinner and drinks.

🍫And 5 different bags of chips and a campfire s’mores kit managed to sneak their way into your grocery haul for your cottage trip.

🍨Or maybe your significant other is eating ice cream in front of you every night, or wants you to eat with them.

No matter what your situation looks like, YOU own your actions and YOU get to decide how you want your summer to look like.

This is where applying the “Good, Better, Best” approach can help you TAKE CHARGE of your eating behaviours in social settings without suffering from FOMO (or feeling like 💩 the next day).⁣

Think of this approach as your back up plan. Things won’t always go they way you would like, so having a plan B or C can still allow you to make strides towards your fat loss goals while still maintaining a social life and building healthier habits!⁣

For example, let’s say you’ve got plans to hit up your friend’s BBQ today. ⁣

The GOOD option is to prioritize protein and veggies while you’re at the BBQ, but be selective with your indulgences. ⁣

The BETTER option is to eat enough protein and veggies before and after the BBQ so you can enjoy more carbs and fats while you’re there.⁣

The BEST option is to plan ahead and make your other meals work around what you plan to eat or drink at the BBQ. This may involve some calorie tracking or estimating.⁣

This approach allows you to be more INTENTIONAL with your food choices while also having that FLEXIBILITY to enjoy what you want at whatever level feels good for you.

What’s one thing you find gets in the way of your goals during the summer? Send me an email letting me know and I’ll respond with some tips!