Ready to become the best version of yourself?

I specialize in helping those seeking:

+ Improvements in health, body composition and relationship with food
+ Nourishment without the obsession
+ Healthy habit, mindset and behaviour change (When you know what to do, but you aren’t doing it!)
+ Digestive Healing
+ Female Hormonal Rebalance (Specifically PCOS, Hyper/Hypothyroid and PMS)
+ Grocery Store Tours and Meal Preparation Strategies
+ Sports Nutrition for Professional and Recreational Athletes

Working with me means you are ready to…

  • see lasting results, because you know short cuts and quick fixes never stick
  • achieve long term goals
  • move on from the diet mentality and scale obsession
  • measure changes by energy, how you look and feel, and how your clothes fit
  • be flexible instead of depriving yourself
  • be patient and consistent
  • acknowledge each win, whether big or small

You are committed to improving your health outcomes and are searching for an expert to provide solutions, guide you, coach you, support you and hold you accountable to meet your goals.

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(Please check if you have health care benefits that cover ‘Certified Holistic Nutritionist’ before booking your call)

Why I do What I do…

“Maya helped me achieve outcomes that normally take me months to feel & see. It’s all about nourishing your body, mind and soul!”
-Lisa A.

“Maya is committed to finding the right solutions to help make changes in your life that create a healthy lifestyle as opposed to short-term fixes that are not sustainable.”
-Natasha S.

“I never once felt deprived, or that I was missing out on tasty food. I feel better than I have in the past decade, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for over a decade!”
-Michelle D.