30 Day Spring/Summer Kickstart Challenge



Do you feel like it’s time to hit the reset button and get yourself ready for Summer time? If you are feeling the need to scrub out your insides and clean up your diet, a nutritionist-tested detox is the best solution to reset your body by eliminating all the built up toxins.

But what are toxins anyway? 
A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body. Toxins can come from additives in our food, pesticides on our produce, toxic contaminants in our water, chemicals found in household products, and toxic compounds from environmental pollution.

Sometimes we willingly expose ourselves to even more toxins like alcohol, cigarette smoke, sugar, and junk food. Good news is that our bodies are specifically designed to remove those toxins through organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. However, the unfortunate news is that because of lifestyle, food, and environmental burdens in our modern society, our bodies have trouble keeping up with this bombardment of daily toxic exposure. This is where signs and symptoms in our bodies reveal themselves, which can include:


  • trouble losing weight
  • brain fog
  • unexplained exhaustion
  • insomnia
  • unexplained headaches
  • mood swings
  • bad body odour
  • constipation
  • muscle aches and pains
  • skin reactions or allergies
  • depression
  • reduced libido
  • sensitivity to scents
  • indigestion/bloating

This 30 Day Challenge is designed to help you:

  • Shed excess fat
  • Cleanse your body
  • Boost your energy to power through your day & workouts
  • Heal digestive system complaints
  • Improve bowel function
  • Ramp up metabolism




What you will receive:


  • 4 week delicious Spring/Summer-inspired recipes, free of refined sugars, dairy & gluten
  • Fat burning snacks, craving crusher drinks, and detox desserts


  • Kitchen stocking list with key foods & supplements to further aid in cleansing your body
  • A daily cleanse protocol
  • A step-by-step guide that explains what foods to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat in order to cleanse your body and encourage fat loss, all while retaining your hard-earned muscles.



  • This guide will help you to transition into every day life in order to prevent you from undoing all the amazing results you’ve achieved during the Challenge so that you can proceed onto the next stage of your goals!


Our recipes only use simple, whole food ingredients that you can find at any grocery store and bulk food store, with easy to follow cooking instructions. Recipes in this guide are similar to what you find on our instagram feed and can be modified to suit vegetarians and gluten free or dairy free diets. Email us at [email protected] if you have any specific allergy or diet concerns.

“Despite my lack of exercise, my husband and coworkers have also noticed my weight loss, especially in my midsection, which is my main problem area, so I am extremely happy about that. Another thing I have noticed is that I am way less bloated and have experienced less acid reflux.” – Terri C., 30 Day Spring Kickstart Challenge participant

“I’m so glad I challenged myself in this way, and I learned WAY more than I thought I would! I feel stronger, healthier and more in control. Of course, I will still be indulging occasionally, but I’m so happy to have the tools for success, and that I’ve learned how to balance. All it takes is a little prep work & determination! Now that the habits are formed, it’ll be easy to keep them going.” – Sara B., 30 Day Spring Kickstart Challenge participant


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