Are you trying to eat healthier and looking for a simple guide to kick your butt back in the kitchen – but not spend your time living in there?

    This guide is for you if you experience the following challenges:

    • You find yourself overwhelmed, causing you to make poor eating choices

    • You make yourself the same boring foods and salads for so long, until you’ve gotten so sick of them that you start finger cooking instead (AKA order UberEats on your phone)

    • Or maybe you eat super healthy Monday to Friday, but the moment the weekend rolls around you’re devising what you want to stuff your face with.

    How nice would it feel to have a menu all planned out for you every week for the next 21 days?

    This is MORE than just your regular chicken and broccoli meal prep.

    This is designed by a Certified Nutritionist who has collected years of client struggles and created a solution to help simplify healthy eating.

  • Oh, the holidays. A time where we test the elasticity of our stomachs and our tolerance to alcohol (and family members). As much as we had a blast gathering around with our loved ones as we feasted around the clock, what's done is done and the New Year is our time to move forward and give our bodies a rest from the over indulgences. The aftermath of the festive season may have left you feeling bloated, tired, and with several unwanted pounds. If you are feeling like you want to scrub out your insides and clean up your diet, a nutritionist-tested detox is the best solution to reset your body by eliminating all the built up toxins.  
    A toxin is a chemical or poison that is known to have harmful effects on the body. Toxins can come from additives in our food, pesticides on our produce, toxic contaminants in our water, chemicals found in household products, and toxic compounds from environmental pollution. Sometimes we willingly expose ourselves to even more toxins like alcohol, cigarette smoke, sugar, and junk food. Good news is that our bodies are specifically designed to remove those toxins through organs like the liver and kidneys and eliminate them in the form of sweat, urine, and feces. However, the unfortunate news is that because of lifestyle, food, and environmental burdens in our modern society, our bodies have trouble keeping up with this bombardment of daily toxic exposure. This is where signs and symptoms in our bodies reveal themselves, which can include:
    • trouble losing weight
    • brain fog
    • unexplained exhaustion
    • insomnia
    • unexplained headaches
    • mood swings
    • bad body odour
    • constipation
    • muscle aches and pains
    • skin reactions or allergies
    • depression
    • reduced libido
    • sensitivity to scents
    • indigestion/bloating
    This 3-week challenge is designed to help you:
    • eliminate cravings
    • detoxify your body from all the excess sugar, carbs, and alcohol
    • shed the holiday pounds... and then some!
    • increase energy
    • improve performance in your workouts
    • improve your sleep
    • heal digestive system complaints
    • improve bowel function
    • ramp up metabolism

  • I strongly believe that the one step anyone can take in order to feel and look healthier is to learn how to cook for themselves. This is why I created 'The Balanced Body Food Guide', to help remove the overwhelm of preparing healthy balanced meals by creating 6 Step-By-Step Blueprints that you can refer to each time you put together your own meal. On top of this, you get to learn which foods best support your liver and understand how to seamlessly include them in your day to day eating plan to keep your bod in tip top shape.

    After you get the hang of creating sensibly balanced meals for yourself, I’m absolutely certain you will feel and look amazing in no time. But more than just these immediate results, I hope these blueprints will inspire you to make lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle so you continue to save time in the kitchen, build healthier habits and experience continued optimal health and body weight.

    Why is it important to take care of your liver?
    Essentially, your liver is the 'detox factory', where it makes sure it's filtering the bad guys (toxins and waste) and keeping the good guys (useful nutrients) to synthesize hundreds of biochemicals that your body needs for daily functioning. In this modern day we are living in, we are bombarded with so many toxins that our liver has a hard time keeping up, making us feel sluggish, foggy brained, dealing with breakouts, and finding it harder and harder to lose excess fat. The Balanced Body Food Guide gives you the tools to put together meals that continuously support liver detoxification so you can feel good about your day to day eating choices, knowing you're doing a service to your health and the state of your liver.
    The Balanced Body Food Guide is designed to help you:
    • learn how to effectively construct nutrient dense meals in appropriate portions
    • reduce cravings
    • experience sustainable weight loss
    • increase energy
    • improve performance in your workouts
    • improve your sleep
    • heal digestive system complaints
    • improve bowel function
    • ramp up metabolism
    • support liver detoxification
    • continually cleanse your body using fresh, whole foods