I was in my early twenties, I moved back to Toronto after travelling abroad and returned with a few pounds of extra weight on my body. After a comment from a friend about my weight gain, it spiralled me into a battle with my body image that had also stemmed from my obsession with perfectionism and low self-worth.

I was surviving off of salad and cans of tuna, with no real grasp of nutrition. I would rely on what the marketing labels on products at the grocery would say that seemed healthy. I started researching weight loss diets and engaged in a few extreme ones that actually brought upon more health issues than I began with like constant bloating, PMS, lethargy, anxiety, and stress around food.

I didn’t realize until some time after that I was creating an unhealthy relationship and obsession with food and my appearance. I was constantly searching for answers and determined to learn more about nutrition. Although this propelled me to become formally trained as a certified nutritionist, through much more awareness now, I’ve made it my life’s mission to work with as many people to dismantle the societal ideals of what health and fitness looks like. Fitness and nutrition are meant to ENHANCE your quality of life, not detract from it.

I soon realized from my own journey that true health was about the mind, body and soul. It was about the inner work too, rather than just simply what and how much you eat.

The core of what I do is to help you find a BALANCED lifestyle that you can maintain effortlessly, one that is free of food restriction and exercise fixation and instead allows flexibility of food choices and physical movement in just the right amount that allows your body to feel and perform at its best! Let me show you how!