It’s crazy to think that Toronto’s downtown Harbourfront area has been my hood for a DECADE! It was the second neighbourhood I moved into after I moved to Toronto in my early twenties and always dreamed about living here since I was little. I’ve always loved being close to nature and seeing people around me biking, running, playing sports, having a picnic, and hitting the skating rink in the winter time.

The Harbourfront may not have the trendiest shops and cafes like other parts of Toronto, but to me, living out real-life wellness in our everyday, busy lives means taking the time to spend it outdoors solo or with good company, connecting with nature and people in real life instead of mindless scrolling on our phones.

I’m so grateful I get to live by the lake and have a community near by me that enjoys being active as much as I do. That’s why over the last few months I have joined the Wehl Platform – a new social network of like-minded people who are looking for a healthy social media alternative that focuses on promoting self care and care for others. I hope that you can join me on Wehl to share your wellness goals and to support each other!

You can sign up for free at and you can follow me @mayanutrition.

Now, on to share the top things I love to do around the Harbourfront!


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We live in Canada and the snow isn’t going anywhere, so I’m all about embracing the cold and making the best of it! I still go out for walks with one of my friends who happens to live a building across from me. We layer ourselves up for an evening walk, admiring the ice-glazed lake and crunchy sounds of our footsteps in the snow. There’s also the Natrel Skating Rink or The Bentway Skate Trail we hit up while it’s open for the season.


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Every weekend in the summer there’s free yoga at Trillium Park next to Ontario Place. It’s one of my favourite summer activities, I grab a friend and we walk or bike over and start our mornings with yoga and a live DJ as we overlook one of the most stunning spots in the city!

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The view from Trillium Park. You’ll always catch me biking, working out and walking around here in the warm months!


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I work from home and offer virtual consultations most days of the week, so whenever I need to take a break I can walk 5 minutes to the Music Garden and lie down on the grass and read a book, listen to a podcast, close my eyes and meditate, or do some journaling.

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Just across the Music Garden is the HTO beach, I perch myself on one of the adirondack chairs and watch the planes fly by. Do you enjoy watching planes take off and land too?

And of course, I can’t leave you without giving away my top 3 favourite places to eat:
Boxcar Social  for a coffee and a bite
Iruka for sushi
and Touti Gelati for gelato!

If you’re reading this and are visiting Toronto, I hope you take some time out and explore the Harbourfront, it’s a great hotspot to unwind or explore on foot or by bike!