Are you trying to eat healthier and looking for a simple guide to kick your butt back in the kitchen – but not spend your time living in there?

This guide is for you if you experience the following challenges:

  • You find yourself overwhelmed, causing you to make poor eating choices

  • You make yourself the same boring foods and salads for so long, until you’ve gotten so sick of them that you start finger cooking instead (AKA order UberEats on your phone)

  • Or maybe you eat super healthy Monday to Friday, but the moment the weekend rolls around you’re devising what you want to stuff your face with.

How nice would it feel to have a menu all planned out for you every week for the next 21 days?

This is MORE than just your regular chicken and broccoli meal prep.

This is designed by a Certified Nutritionist who has collected years of client struggles and created a solution to help simplify healthy eating.