How to reduce bloating WITHOUT turning to detoxes, cleanses, flat tummy teas, gut healing supplements, elimination diets or allergy tests.

I know, I get the temptation of wanting to find THE FIX. I did years of everything listed above and not much helped! So before you go swearing off dairy, gluten, sugar, fruit, beans, grains, processed foods, FODMAP foods, OMG what do I have left to eat…

Have you ever thought that MAYBE it isn’t so much WHAT you’re eating that is causing the bloat… but HOW you’re eating?

Are you shovelling your meal down?

Are you eating while distracted?

Are you snacking on the go?

Are you eating while under pressure/stressed/nervous/anxious/etc?

Eating in any of these states can easily create bloating, however, it’s important to address that some bloating is actually NORMAL. That when you eat food your belly WILL EXPAND, because, well, you have food inside it now! Here’s a side by side of me in the morning with a flat stomach and towards the end of the day with a cute pudge full of delicious nourishing food.

Bloating happens to everyone. I am well aware of my food triggers but most importantly what changed the game for me the most was LETTING GO OF THE CONSTANT NEED TO EAT “PERFECTLY”. It was exhausting and caused me so much anxiety I didn’t realize I was carrying and ironically was giving me digestive issues as a result!😣

After doing the work to improve my relationship with food and body image, these last couple years I feel so much more RELAXED around food and my constant bloating is not a thing anymore.

When my head space ain’t right, MY DIGESTION IS OFF! Maybe you can relate?

What can help:

  • 5 minute belly breathing (deep breath through the nose, out through the mouth, chest stays still while belly expands)
  • mindful eating (deep breath before you eat, seated, undistracted, CHEW YOUR FOOD thoroughly, pace yourself between each spoonful/forkful)
  • more movement (avoid excessive exercise as this can cause digestive probs!)
  • don’t wear your workout clothes at home all day. Wear loose clothing instead and give your belly some room!
  • stop grazing and take 3-4 hrs of fasting between meals
  • consume probiotics rich foods daily (a serving of yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, fermented foods)
  • add more fibre gradually. Jumping to double the amount you were used to can cause digestive distress
  • FOOD ANXIETY can cause bloating. The obsession with “clean eating” can most definitely impede on digestion as I mentioned in my own experience

While it can definitely help to greatly reduce your intake of salty foods/snacks, foods rich in fat/oil, fizzy drinks, sugar alcohols, inulin (a type of fibre), beans/legumes, cruciferous vegetables, if you still suspect something abnormal going on even after experimenting on your own (especially if you’re experiencing a lot of pain or discomfort) it’s worth speaking with a certified nutritionist to help get you on a plan and guide you through identifying the root cause in order to alleviate symptoms.

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